Caregiver Respite Grant Program

The Arkansas Autism Foundation

Respite Grant Applications are closed at this time.

Application Guidelines

The Arkansas Autism Foundation, with funding from the Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition, is excited to offer respite grants to caregivers. Respite is defined as getting a short-term break from caregiving. These grants of $500 per family per year (August 2021 to August 2022) are not only for parents of children with autism, but caregivers of loved ones with any chronic illness. We ask that applicants provide a current doctor-signed verification of the diagnosis and documented need for caregiving services. Also, the caregiver may not be receiving any other payment for providing care for the individual, and the recipient of care may not be receiving home and community-based waiver or other respite services. These respite grants are available to Arkansas caregivers statewide.

It will take up to 15 business days to process this application.If there is an emergency situation for which respite is needed immediately, indicate and describe below. Please fill out all information required, as incomplete applications will be denied.

In addition to filling out the application below, each applicant is required to provide a Physician Certification. A practicing, certified physician or other qualified healthcare provider must verify the patient’s chronic illness or diagnosis, justifying the need for care provider services. The date, diagnosis, and doctor’s signature must be included with this application and must be written on the professional’s stationary or prescription pad.

Please contact us at or (501) 951-0115 if you have any questions.

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